My Fire is Burning for You

“The fact is, you need to break your heart when you love someone so dearly and truthfully. But it doesn’t matter for it is a risk worth taking”.


Hot sun in the cold night
Side by side, flame of my knight
Let me breath, not so tight!
Your willful smile so bright 😉
Now or never, it’s our flight

What dreams may come?
What will happen next?
What the future will be?
What happen to you and me?
Will the flame diminish with time?

The crickets whistle on the ground
The disco lights in the heavens
The blank sketchbook of my world
You’re the masterpiece in my head
It will go on, my fire still burning

Your torch lights up my life
My fire of love is burning for you
Not running of gas, only believe
My faith won’t die with the truth
I know you exist and I am just here


no matter how uncertain and no matter how far… even dimensions apart or another realm… I will always scribble the words of my heart… because i know somewhere out there you are there and I will always love you forevermore. xoxo. remember, forever i care… xoxo… good night…xoxo

by Sean Kingston “Fire Burning”


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