Hey, Sorry for Missing You

spongebob quotes

My fever is so high and my heart is out of control

This is such an incurable disease, is it possible?

How can I be infected with the kind of virus?

Perhaps, my mind’s vaccine is out of antidote

This complex illness of fools, I don’t want to heal!


I consulted all physicians and even God is no help

Here I am, patiently waiting for your call

My mind wonders, which pub you are in tonight

Are you out for a drink or you’re having a good time?

Stop! You’re bacteria are creeping into my veins


Forgive me, if my heart yearns for your presence

I want to get in touch but I might be your burden

Is this a sign of madness if I want to hear your voice?

Can any doctor prescribe me to be heartless again?

If I am so irritating, blame it to your irresistible charm!


My life’s adventure finds its purpose when you came along

This flu doesn’t cause me  blindness for I can see clearly

It brings me unreasonable joy that is somehow scary

Google or Yahoo can’t give me the solution or answer

All I know is… hey, sorry for missing you so much—


I want you so close and near, but you need your space

I want to touch your delicate hand and feel your soft palms

Can you smile again for I want to look at your cute dimple?

This I can’t deny the truth that I miss you with all my heart

See you in my dreams where I can confess and kiss you good night!

Published on: March 17, 2012 @ 22:23

by Miley Cyrus “I Miss You”


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