Water-Lily on the Swamp

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Every time  you clutch him, you parade with pride and joy.  Then, whispered to your suspected antagonist “go away, I’ve already won the prize!” Yet, perfect photographs hide the aches, struggles and suffering. You asked her through your reflection, “what do you know?”

When you’re no longer in the crowd with closed doors, the real soap opera started to unfold. So many times you just forced to shut your eyes with tears, scolding and reminding yourself that everyone was right. You should have not been so stubborn in shutting your ears to their pieces of advice. Well, you thought that you already had the one-way ticket to a castle. Not because you waltz with your prince every evening, you already have the rights to claim your happily ever after.

When darkness swallowed the light, you felt more alone even you were lying on his bed. Aren’t you the one victorious? Your innocence and being trusting won his heart, then why something is always lacking? Not because you give it all, doesn’t mean the throne is yours. Head-to-head, well it’s not over for it has only began. You have your advantage for being the first but she’s not just some water-lily on the swamp.

The water-lily on the swamp whom you have resentments is the most beautiful flower fallen from heaven. Nurtured with wisdom and cultured by love that still blooms even in adversities. You can only find something so special once in a lifetime. It is so precious and rare.  Trust me,  it will bring joy to the one whose eyes have heart  that doesn’t judge color,  numbers, roots and words. You may discriminate and spit on it. But, you cannot throw down its spirit. You have the springtime of life whereas the water-lily on the swamp aged with knowledge and strength that will take your more time to acquire.  It is a natural beauty that blossoms with time and its sweet fragrance will not evaporate.

Why will you lose, you have nothing to fear? Nonetheless, on your way to the road of success, why you chicken out and want to unload your burdens? The princess on the carriage should learn the song of the water-lily on the swamp. A music with melody that survives emptiness and loneliness. It is not usually notice like you do, but it is the most beautiful flower and anyone is lucky to choose the water- lily on the swamp.

Perhaps, the girl who has it all is  tired.  Take a rest, pause and bid farewell… It’s time—

mulant quotes2

greatest honorI know my father who is in heaven is proud of me for continuously blooming in spite of all adversities.  A daughter like me is his greatest gift and honor.  No one can take that from me.

images via: http://www.fanpop.com

by Lea Salonga “Reflection” ost Mulan


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