Misrepresenting Ourselves


SONY DSCA friend was sure he had found his soul mate through an online dating site (and this isn’t about dating sites). Eventually, they met in person and later he said, “She misrepresented herself.”

Over the years, I’ve met people like that and that statement applied to me as well. Most of the time it wasn’t deliberate deception, but more a matter of showing only our good qualities. And when I write that, I’m thinking of people we like or want to know better. By withholding parts of ourselves, however, they don’t truly know us. I used to wonder, if he really knew who I was, would he still want my friendship?

Why do we misrepresent ourselves? Here’s my number one reason: For a long time I didn’t like parts of myself. If I didn’t like those parts of myself, would anyone else? But I am making progress in self-acceptance.


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