You’re All I Ever Wanted


Fireworks in heaven
Celebration of New Year
Melodies within

Let’s fly to the moon
Kissing with the twilight
Brand new day for us!

I love you today
Love you always tomorrow
Hey, I told you so!

All I ever wanted
Someone like you is perfect!
My one and only

All I ever wanted
Bring merriment in your life
Come! Live, laugh and love!!!

My darling, it’s you
You’re all I ever wanted
Now and forever…

youre all that matters to me

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-this is a romantic Haiku structure poem created by ME dedicated for U 😉 xoxo

***The 5-7-5 lines  per stanza were quite challenging to come out into a romantic expressive poem!! By the way, the celebration is here and I am certain you’re having a good time.

by Carrie Underwood “I Told You So”

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