Race Like a HORSE

I will never forget the quote my friend wrote on his profile, “The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start”.

year of the horse

2012. I was a spectator of a race.  It happened on a Sunday before my art class.  I patiently waited at the finish line, excited and exhausted.  It was noon, and I am lucky not to have a migraine in spite of the fact that was directly under the sun. I didn’t hide to any shelter for I didn’t want to miss a thing.  I waited patiently not caring who else were there whether I’d be scolded or get into trouble.  I stayed there, only overwhelmed not entertaining all those negative thoughts.  I felt triumphant seeing someone reached the victory line, as if I was the one running.  Indeed, I am on the race embracing the odds of love and finding my dreams.  I am not defeated because the joy in my heart was priceless.  The booing of the few didn’t affect me for I am always the daughter whom my father raised into goodness and righteousness.  Are they perfect to cast me the stone?

2013.  The excitement faded, I didn’t witness any race.  I am tied at a relative’s house experiencing natural calamities such as earthquakes and super typhoon.  The weight of my shoulder was unbearable.  All the screams and crowd faded in a memory.  The smiles of the past cheered me in the shadows of my fears.  Several times I wanted to quit.  Yet, no curses could break my spirit and no trials would devour my dreams.  I kept on trying until I found God within me.  I halted doubting Him if He truly cared or if He listened to my prayers.  It was a year of turbulence when God led me to the path where I refuel my faith and trust in Him.  I didn’t want anything anymore.  God said, “My child, go back to the race! Don’t worry, I am with you”.


2014.  It’s not the end my friend but new challenges on the track.  My friend, I am back on the race!  A good friend of mine told me, if it is meant for you everything will just go smoothly.  I was so scared to agree but she was right.  Well, my race has just started and this time no matter whatwill happen I won’t be out of the track and allow my feelings to consume me.  I will run like a horse, not that fast in terms of speed.  Nonetheless, like a horse, I will run with courage, confidence and determination.  I won’t care with the  cheering or yelling for I know I will complete my race in life.  God will award me with all the desires of my heart…. I will not stop on believing… A new year, a new beginning—

cong xi fa cai———–;)  my prediction ;)——–

Travel and romance are quite synonymous in 2014. It’s even possible you could fall in love with someone from a foreign country. Then again, maybe you just fall in love with the country itself. In any case, you have the fabulous influence of Jupiter bringing huge blessings to your relationship zone.  Your love life will blissfully feel more like a playground than a battleground for once. Hurray!

aquariusWork and career goals continue to be top priorities for you in 2014, Aquarius. You’ve got loads of planetary support to keep you thriving in whatever new projects you decide to take on.  (source: astrology.com)

my pastel drawing version for the year of the horse…

GONG XI FA CAI everyone!!! A blessed new year!!!


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