Talking to a Banana

talking to a banana
Am I overjoyed to willingly talk to someone in order to express my happiness? Am I totally devastated to shout my turmoil out? So many feelings bursting inside me. I just finished eating ice cream to just let it be— For chrissake, I wanted to call,  there’s a celebration today. I heard my neighbors making a lot of noises outside our flat. I am supposed to go to church in the afternoon but when I saw all stores empty, I changed my mind. Here I go again… I wanted to talk… I wanted to talk… I grabbed something and literally talking to the air pretending to use a phone… Hey, I made a dumb try via banana phone!!! lol…. Hilarious, indeed. People turn to their  silly habits just to express themselves. If only this banana phone, got line… perhaps, I could reach out the person whom I intended to call and share whatever I am feeling inside.
banana phone
friends again

i love you

i want you

you have a nice butt


xoxo luv u more xoxo

by Minions (Despicable Me 2) “Banana Song”


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