You Taste Like Cola

You taste like cola sweet sweet sugar cola
when I took a sip from his lips he sends me on a trip
he keeps me up at night and that’s all because he kicks

Stop your diet baby you don’t have to slim down

I love your curves and believe me it is every pound
stop your diet come on do it for me
I love you round round round cause

you’re so sexy

“you’re sweet as cola, my love and don’t worry about your weight… you’re still handsome  and good-looking… just be who you are and don’t mind what others’ point of views… a song for you” xoxo 😉

(Sweet Like Cola lyrics

by Lou Bega “Sweet Like Cola”

by Tomactz’ version “Sweet Like Cola”  (Cute Thai Tomboy Group, finalist Thai Got Talent 2013, S3)


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