Se7en Wishes


Strangers to friends
Wishing there can be more
I wish to have you, my friend
I will adore you everyday
And love you forevermore


Wish not to be scared at all
Face it and no more running
A festive ball for you and I
A romantic dance of a lifetime
No more cold feet and fears

beyonce alice in wonderland

More adventures and lots of fun
Together let’s roam the world
Stargazing all night at the sky
Wishing to hear you laugh
Echoing in my heart till eternity

little mermaid

Let’s swim high and low
Life’s lessons are not easy
Imagine a carefree place
I wish you’ll see the truth
Beneath my heart it’s always you!

taylor swift Rapunzel

Isolation and solitude
A tower of melancholy
Rescue me from my fears
I am waiting patiently
My love, you’ll come by

snow white

I wish my prince you’ll come
Chaotic jungle of dangers
No hindrance and villains
God’s light will lead you here
Love is divine and it’s real!

vanessa hudgens slee_ing beauty

Wake me up from my nightmares
I wish dreams do come true
No more sleepless nights
I’ll kiss you night and day
You are mine and I am yours!

dreams come true
I know… You know…

by Westlife “Dreams Come True”

dreams and feathers quote

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