The Alphabets in My Heart When I Met You

Was it you?  Yeah, I am on the right place and so my eyes were playing tricks on me.  I really thought that man on his bike whom I almost approached was you.   I told myself that I really miss you a lot, the reason I am seeing you wherever I go—  I am so tired and so I am off to bed early today.  Good night.  Thank you Lord for the blessings and the good people I met today.


A is for the affection extinct to me but you revived into my life with new adventures unknown to all.

B is for believe that no matter how BROKEN, I will make it.  I will always believe in you and you’re the BEST!!!

C is for courage. It takes courage to love someone and thank you my beloved for walking into my life for I become one!

D is for days, the days we shared when we had all sorts of fun and unusual talks…. the days of bittersweet memories and the days to come to make more memories

E is for eternity. I loved you yesterday. I love you still today. I’ll love you more tomorrow. I will always love you for I love you for eternity.

F is for faith for my prayers are always answered and we’ll find our ways again for a fresh start in life.

G is for you and me… The guy and the girl whose unplanned meeting brought unbearable sorrow but with unimaginable joy in my heart and soul.

H is for honesty.  I am not faking anything, darling. You have your doubts. Yet, you should have known that I am one bad liar…

I is for inspiration. You just know that your mere existence inspired me not to give up in the trials of life and specially not to let go with the one I really love.

J is for our journey to fulfill our dreams, which entwined our paths in unusual friendship that taught both us valuable lessons.

K is for kiss the rain because you let me love you in spite of the complexity of the situation. Someday it will be a kiss in the rain for we’ll rejoice each other’s company again.

L is for love.  I LOVE U. I LOVE U. I LOVE U MORE.It’s all I know. Loving you truthfully…

wala lang

M is for missing you, I miss you darling. Everyday feels so empty without you and even it’s killing me I go on with the fight for I want you to be proud of me.

N is for naughty and nice, which described you and me… I am nice and you can be naughty or we can exchange roles 😉

O is for obedience.  I followed all you said. Aye, aye my captain!!!

P is for patience and it is a virtue. Here I am waiting patiently with positive thoughts and contentment in my heart. I am not tired of being here for I just let life as it is for I don’t want to force anything unless it is freely given to me.

R is for the road where we met, the unforgettable path that linked our stars for romance is on our way.

S is for you’re sour and sweet 🙂 You’re so SUltry and SUrprising!!! I love you just the way you are!!1

T is for TIME. It takes time and it doesn’t matter when or how long for God’s time is not ours. The time for us to shine and triumph is really near!

U is for unconditional, unselfish and unprofitable…. that’s how I love you and find it in your heart that it’s true—

V is for the Viv, my nickname. Remember darling, I am Viv, your sweetest, most thoughtful and ever generous babe…

W is for the writer who can write a lot and whose words rooted in my heart. A writer who’ll never get tired writing about a great man like you—

X is not me… I am the future.  Tomorrow it will be my turn to smile and claim happiness for at last I surpass another challenge to welcome a new one!

Y is You… the love of my life that God brought to me, and the one and only man whom I am comfortable with and really make me joyful.

Z is for the zeal that God kept for you and me.

Z is your name, carved in my core forevermore—

Published on: Jul 30, 2013 @ 10:16

i never stopped



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