Barefooted Caravan


It’s another story
I asked for it from him
No obligations required
After all, he’s my friend
When I am to go forth
Daylight cleared my mind
It’s not all what I need
He’s not the man for me
I know he’s waiting there
I run with honesty within
He said, it’s alright
Yet, I can’t. Not with him
I can’t betray my heart
He insisted and assured
I look down on my feet
I’m not wearing shoes!!!
Leaving him in confusion

There’s no place for me
A caravan approaches
Oh, the boys I used to know
The ones who pester me
Come on, are they into me?
Convincing me to stop by
Nope, I am barefooted—
Please, let me go!!!
My best friends join
The caravan of merriment
The high school memories
They begged me to stay
Nope, I have no shoes!!!

Distorted faces scare me
One said, “You’re alluring
No way, you can’t elude!”
He wants me, so aggressively
He takes the man I loved
Showing off his wealth
Don’t care of his richness
I will rescue my man
I will do everything for him
A ride on the barefooted caravan
Towards the man I truly love!!!
There’s no one but only him
My love, I am on my way—

Almost there….


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