Can You Draw in the Dark?

lights off

My sister’s asleep.  The lights are off.  I can’t sleep.  I am bored.  I challenged myself.

Can I draw with a little light? Observation is very important in drawing.  How can I observe in the absence of full light? Yet, challenge accepted!!!

monochrome collage

I tried yet with limitations.  I chose a monochromatic style of drawing.  My laptop is my only source of light.  Take note, my surroundings are in total darkness.  I am not the expert, so I picked a simple subject using two colors only.  More or less, 20 minutes after I am done (I’ll retouch this piece when I have time).  I don’t know how it goes but I am enjoying myself.  Off to bed. (5.44 am)

What do you think, can I draw in the dark? Can you?


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