Gee, Your Portraits Rescued Me!!!

Don’t try to scare me and back off threatening me.  During my hibernation, I didn’t go partying instead I spent my times praying. There was no word you said that would frighten me. I don’t care with those hooligans, I encountered all sorts of horrifying monsters. All the challenges and disappointments made me braver and stronger. Thanks for the good words. All I knew that I responded the words from my heart, and I could never go wrong.  I am fully aware that I put up a good fight and I am grateful to God for the blessings and gifts He unselfishly and lovingly granted me.  I would surely use them wisely, share to others for goodness.

Seriously, I thought you would never ask. I was not supposed to carry them with me. My obsessions and my kind of hobby and fascinations that you disapproved and not fond of — made my day…. I was proud with what I did— Thanks, you had no idea how this insanity indirectly saved me.

Even if you’re not interested and not proud of my artistic skills and creativity with the digital world and even with pen and brushes, I still feel good with what I accomplished and my works impressed others too.  It’s alright, you will never find out and see them anyways…  Now, I’ll get ready to make some for you— lol 😉  Wish you can see my pieces…

by Boyzone “Picture of You”



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