Fight for Survival: Train Service Delay


It was almost 4 am when I drifted into the realm of my dreams.  Then,  three hours after, I rushed for I needed to attend a course.

I left the house early not taking anything for breakfast.  When I reached the station, the place was packed with furious and stranded passengers.  It was announced that there thirty minutes delay.  I couldn’t wait that long.  I dashed outside and literally ran after to catch the bus to the next station.  OMG!  The world outside my box was flooded with so many faces.  Even if I were sleepy and tired, I am still glad to be out so early.  I felt like I am back to the track.




Refreshing what I used to know in college, the object-oriented programming language.  I’m grateful to be there for it was free of charge.  This time, I am not the teacher but the student.  I was paying attention and learned a lot from the trainer.  I was very attentive until 5.30 pm.

My luck and opportunities may be delayed like this morning’s train service.  Yet, I didn’t grumble or quit in stead I found a way.  It is not about when but making it through in the race of life…

One will give up, I won’t
One is feed up, I am not
One will walk, I am in
One will leave, I’ll stay
One says goodbye, not me
I am here.  Now and always.


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