If Ain’t Got You

eminem card2

Don’t you know that I get tired of trying. However, I can’t let the discouragements ruin me. I am not dependent to any man and my dreams are mine to build. I don’t want to be weak and don’t want to use affection for my advantage. I won’t lose hope.

It’s difficult for me to forget and reach out. You just don’t have any idea with how much my heart wanted you near and hear from you all the time.

I don’t want to be the artist who paint an empty masterpiece on a canvas of forgotten memories. I want a real model, someone who exists… Someone whom my heart forevermore desires. I don’t want to be the writer who creates fictional characters and unrealistic love story that is only true on the pages of a novel. All the time, I don’t want to be here but there on your side. I want to touch my beloved and kiss him everyday, and serve him as he pleases. I hate being in the place not around him.

Yet, it is crystal clear. I accept and understand for real love is not a child’s play nor selfish.

What do you know of the messages I composed and never sent… What do you know of the calls that I attempted to make… What do you know of the gifts I bought that remain hidden… What do you know of the sketches and composition I made, everything unknown and unseen…

You won’t know until you’ll learn to believe and see with your heart. All I know that I want to bring joy to the one I love so dearly and be his lucky star. I want to share a lifetime of happiness and adventures with a real man.

You don’t know… One thing for sure there’s hope for the living who survived the challenges in life… The possibilities are there and hope won’t cease… You just don’t know that I love you more… XoXo…

Don’t let others rule over you and take away what you really wanted…

By Alicia Keys “If Ain’t Got You”


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