Enough is Enough (To the One Who Made a Mistake)

eminem quote
Shut up! Stop the war!
Do you ever get tired?
Trying and trying…
Fighting and yelling—
No need to impress
Just be yourself
The drama all over again
Cut off your pride!
Learn how to bend
What’s with the stubbornness?
Why are you in a place
Where you’re trying hard to fit?
There’s a better place
Why are you stuck there?
It’s no heaven but your hell

Enough is enough!
Listen to your heart
Not to what others say
Open your eyes wide
The deceptions and lies
When will you stop?
World War 1 or 2?
You’re not a coward
Show them that you can
No need to prove anything
There’s a space, feel free
Do something for yourself
You’re the king, you rule!!!
Walk out. Then, come in!!!
Grab true happiness
Here I am, I am here!

be there
In a fabricated event, I went to a public pool with old friends.  I saw a boy together with his grandmother (whom looked familiar to me).  The father approached him together with the mother.  I was shocked and not ready to meet Joseph the Dreamer again.  I swam far from them and ran near a barbecue pit.  My friend ran after to comfort me.  I damaged something and exclaimed, ‘I can’t believe that I am that strong’.  Of course, there were angry group of friends whose eyes were set on me for the destruction I made.  Yet, one of them stood up for me.  I didn’t care if his face was familiar or not.  In stead of being grateful, I hid with my friend somewhere and I was furious while talking to her.

I asked my friend, ‘don’t I deserve to be loved?’
My friend replied,’you know this place, it’s not a rich’.
I asked again, ‘what’s the connection???’
She continued saying ‘just listen… there was this man he loved. He made a mistake and chose wrongly. He had a girl whom he — Something went wrong with their story”.
I gasped and said, “I want to meet that man again, he was kind to me (very, very kind— beyond what I deserved).”

 Then, I recalled that man who defended me.  I identified him as those I used to know.  I scanned my memories for his face and I stopped in disbelief.  I only said to my friend, ‘you know what I don’t know how to swim (yet, with my adrenalin rush, I managed to swim very fast far from Joseph the Dreamer).‘ and laughed until my laughter perished in the uncertainties of my reality.

In connection to my friend’s story, I don’t know who to pity whether it is the girl or the man. Every story has a surprise twist and unexpected ending.  There are events in our lives that happen for reasons none of as can fathom.  If it is my gift to see, I feel sad for that man who made a mistake because I keep on trying to reach the unreachable.  My heart weighed thrice for not knowing added to the load in my chest.  He knows that I always tried my best and remains brave and strong even how complex and difficult my fate turns out.

Everybody commits mistakes in making decisions. However, our errors are lessons learned to lead us to our hearts real and truest desires. There’s nothing wrong to call it quits.
rather be in your bed

eminem undewear

by Eminem “Space Bound”

you're beautiful

images via Tumblr.com


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