Who are Sleeping with Me?

Who are sleeping with me?
My revelation isn’t shocking
Chill, don’t think too much
Will I count one to ten?
How many names will I say?
Oh, I truly love them all!
But, I always love you more 😉

When the night is dark
And the wind is so cold,
Who to cuddle and hug?
My bed is not empty
I can’t be all by myself
Space of my bed occupied
My buddies are always here
Always ready for an embrace
Soothing my aches and pains
No words only a company
My buddies are sleeping with me
Tonight and tomorrow’s your turn
I’ll wait for you, good night 🙂

My sleeping buddies, my friends in the absence of your strong manly but gentle embrace. They’re all on my bed for so long. I guess, they wanted a replacement. You can volunteer, it’s up to you for all you have to do is ask…. 😉




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