I’m Coming…


What the world is like outside your comfort zone? Are new acquaintances kind to you? Yeah, knowing you, adaptation is not an issue. Hey, you can easily make friends and enjoy… Young spirit full of energy and always glowing—


Wanting to hear you talk… hear your voice… and all you want to say… the scolding, the excitement, and all of that sort… The restrictions and boundaries in your company, I miss it all and can’t take it away from head.

Yet, I don’t want to insist even I want it to send 100 messages right now and give more than a 100 rings on your phone. I don’t want to be in the space where I am off-limits. However, with my all my selfish desires, I utter in a sweet whispers… want me.. need me… for I am coming— I get tired of imagining and not contented with my dreams.

i miss you

So many longings and unfulfilled needs… Stuck of the moment when I have no choice but to wait…keeping my fantasies to myself… All you to do is ask… I am here and if you’ll let me spread my wings… I am coming for you.

i want u here tonight


images via Tumblr.com

by J. Cole ft. Skyler Grey “I’m Coming Home”


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