Let it go…

Can’t hold it back anymore…The cold never bothered me anyway

Yes, I did it! I finally completed everything. I hope the people concerned will be impressed and satisfied. I finally got everything running…  Thank you, Jesus!!! And I’m taking this break with the thoughts of you in my head 😉


Voracious mammal
Willing to swallow
Feed the hungry!
Meat for my flesh
Milk for my thirst
Your satisfaction
Whatever you please!

In a spiteful darkness
Companionless evenings
The moon’s temptations
The unlikely heaven
With you in my dreams
Maximum fahrenheit!
Electrifying adventures…

Your soft gentle hands
Naughty angel’s touch
Magic dust of euphoria
The warmth within
The speedy rhythm
A dim light’s wild dance
Come tango with me!

The graveyard shifts
In this can of worm
Kind sir, do swing by
Oh, captivating gentleman!
In my forsaken chamber
A deprived lady awaits

Always loving YOU



images via and



by Demi Lovato “Let It Go” (ost Frozen)

open door_frozen


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