It’s Over….

Beneath the sheets
Wrong side of the bed
My eyes set on you
You only looked away
Still devoted to you
I can’t be the lady
Serving you in the dark

Closed doors and lights off
The secrets of the moon
Shimmering tiny stars
Blossoms in our chests
Bittersweet memories
I’m starving, you too?

Love will return in time
It’s over the clouds
It’s over the hills
It’s over the rainbows
It’s over you and I
The treasures within
Won’t be OVER YOU…

my weakness

It’s really difficult to impress and commit to someone just to make it.  I only rested 5pm today and woke up for my cousin came over and we had  dinner outside… I was on my PC from last night till the afternoon.  As the matter of fact, I  never slept at all!!!!  I even missed breakfast and lunch or ate snacks in between.  Gosh, the scripting was so challenging!!!  But, I can’t say no to this person for he already gave me hope and offered me quite more than  enough even it required expected stressful days.   Besides, I planned to study again to focus on web design and digital art to do online projects.  I will still pursue my love for manual art…. With God’s grace I want to proceed to the advance program… and hopefully learn Chinese art and calligraphy.   Bless this man, Lord that he won’t give  up on me…. My head really can’t get it, but I hope to find the solution…. Gosh, coding is not really my cup of tea!!!!

hang out with you

i made it
It will never be over
that’s the irony…
miss you, good night 😉


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