Fight for Survival: Dream House

Is it a question if I can do it?  Almost and partly there.  But, the initial task is super challenging.  While I was in the train I proclaimed, ‘God won’t give me good brains for nothing’. image Why am I making my life difficult? I remembered what my uncle said.  He was a novice when he first went to US and the houses there fascinated him.  He put into his heart that he would have one.  Guess what, he had one and designed it according to what he perceived. imageFew days after the super typhoon, my grandfather who was residing at the northern part of the island, passed away.  Together with my cousins and aunts, we went there.   After so many years, I had the chance to visit my childhood’ and teenage years’  favorite place.

Then, there it was in front of my sight, the semi-mansion… my uncle’s dream house.  It was my first time seeing it.  I was beyond impress and swore to myself I’ll have one as I promised papa.   It was like a chain reaction for I felt what my uncle did and renewed my dreams for my future family.   My uncle and aunt are of of those people whom I really admire and look up for both of them are generous, humble, kind and great parents.image Perhaps, it’s time to upgrade my skills.  I didn’t expect myself to be a computer geek but my first department head teacher always referred me as the computer wizard and the recent one said I am the expert. I only wanted to be an artist.  Yet, my favorite artists Leonardo da Vinci and Pablo Picasso were experts in many fields.  I can be jack of all trades too. I can no longer memorize 10-stanza poems or remember all lines in textbooks word-by-word like I used to do as a school girl.  The cramming, last-minute study and impromptu no longer work now.  But, through the years o f experience, I acquired and developed new skills to aid me for survival.  Take note, it will disappoint God not to use His gifts to me for a better life.

wpid-DSC_0885.JPGSimilar to what my uncle did, anything for a dream.  I will too.  After all, it’s mind over matter.

I will and I can.


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