A Cup of Coffee, Darling!


Hello darling, I miss you!
Don’t toil so hard, love…
Relax and have a tasty sip
Your lips on the cup…
Come on, swallow it!
Darling, I love you so
Enjoy the cup of coffee
Hoping I am always there
For you’ll have it with me…
Chill darling, still awake for u!

funny gif

My attempt to tickle you
Maybe, a bit unsuccessful
But my love will never fail
Darling, I am always here!
Love u so much and more…
Darling, is it coffee or me?!?
God knows, I miss you so…
See you for another cup 😉

Hey, still up if u need someone to talk and get bored… Time check: 4.21 am still thinking of u…

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