You Know It All

You know, I won’t ask

You know, I won’t beg

You know, I won’t chase

You know, I love you

You know, I won’t demand

You know, I won’t leave

You know, I won’t expect

You know, I care for you

You know, I won’t hate

You know, I won’t dislike

You know, I won’t argue

You know, I am always true

You know, I won’t complain

You know, I won’t nag

You know, I won’t shout

You know, I only give my eveything

You know and you see

The unpretty side of me

I am but all imperfect

And you know it all

you drive me crazy

by Amy Adams “That’s How You Know” (ost Enchanted)

The most difficult part of loving is to force myself not to love someone whom I am bound to love with unexplained reasons.  I tried to forget and discovered that meeting someone is just as easy as it used to… but  feeling or trying to love one, don’t come easy to me.

I was caught by surprise.  My brain was numbed.  Was it him or someone else?  Was he possessed or something?  Whatever, I just love it!!!  It was a shocker! It was difficult to believe and it took me some time to digest and convince myself that it was not a dream.  I guessed, I froze for a while and shame crept into my veins.  Yet, I wanted it too and so whatever unknown was better unsaid because I’m so in love with him.  I don’t care for how long, I just enjoy every moment with him.  I just let this feeling be, even at times he seemed unreachable and distant or seemed not to care for me at all.  I can’t wait for the next time and I hope it won’t be that long… He has the power to drive me insane—  I’m totally crazy at him!!!

Whatever reason there is, does it make any difference?  All that matter is,  what I can give and this wonderful feeling inside me that only he can bring.

Published on: Apr 8, 2013 @ 17:50


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