Gee, don’t know what to say…

Gee, don’t you know, I am missing you every second of the day and it’s killing me to the max. Yet, I have to live my fate being stuck and not doing anything. I wanted to paint to erase my boredom and consider enrolling for a new certification for upgrading my skills. I have no plans of wasting my little money on my friends for all the leisure time we used to enjoy. Thus, I am stuck but this time, I am in a real house not inside the box.
i love u

Gee, I am so lonely and I want to hear your voice. Everyday I have this urge to give you a call… somehow, I fear that I might disturb you and I will only bother… I don’t want to irritate you. I only miss you. You know that my heart don’t lie. Yeah, I decided not to entertain new acquaintances and rekindle old friends because my heart knew better and I am contented to find you.

Gee, kiss me in my dreams like you usually do. I hope the day will come, you will believe me because I am always true to you and I understand my position in your life.

Gee, will you give me something nice to draw to give me something exciting to do? Will you let me draw you ? Haha. Don’t you know that some establishment is interested with my skills? The good thing is they are willing to conduct online interview with me… Hopefully to nail this one and get the opportunity…

Gee… hope to call and hear you… I truly miss you…
good night my love

Published on: Oct 7, 2013 @ 23:05


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