You Always Shine!!!

I admit it, I grew up with my false beliefs and my feminist hypocrisies.  I blamed my unhappiness to the curse to hide the fact that I am one selfish coward.   I am afraid of flying outside my cocoon and share my life to a special someone.  I maybe have wonderful personalities that attract friends and my God-given skills draw people’s attention. Yet, deep within, I am one shy girl and scared of the opposite sex.  I am good in concealing my fears by shooing those who truly matter in my heart away.

Nonetheless, you wafted the magic wand to pull me out from my pathetic world.  Thanks to you, I became courageous to love you more and be confident of myself.  I admired a lot of your qualities and how smartly you wear your clothing and carry yourself.   Your masculinity and good looks filled my hidden fantasies.  However, beneath your good looks is your maturity and wits, and your boyish smile that made me tense all the time.  Looking forward to meet or hear from you gave me excitements and made my days essential to live by.

i believe in you

You always shine from the rest, you should believe that you’re meant for greater things in life.   I see you as a successful entrepreneur.  You’re the boss of your own and you’re nobody’s employee.   You’re the king, not the subject.  Life maybe rough but you can always pull it out.   Anything you’ll say whether your furious or complaining, nothing matters.  I can listen to you, whole day until the moon and stars will cloth the dark sky.

Of course, no one can match your skills in many aspects.  You have your own sense of humor that tickle my bones.   Whatever there was, you truly drove me nuts…

make this work

I only hope that you still remember me in spite how the trials in life caused us to drift apart… 

i want this i wanna
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