I CAN with YOU, my Lord!

birds flying

Lord, where am I heading?
Darkness is my phobia
With all the nostalgia
Failing and falling

Lord, I have no wings
Teach me how to fly
I give You my trust
My pleas, You answered

Lord, make me stronger
My desires are granted
It is a dream package
With great responsibilities

Lord, reserve me the place
Where I can share my love
Allow me to bring joy
And laughter to others

Lord, thanks for everything
Teaching me love and humility
Faith, forgiveness and hope
I CAN with You, my Lord!


messages  from God

I am raised with the faith to God.  Thus, I pray in my artistic and poetic way to express how great my love and trust to the Almighty.

Also, I pray that my dear Lord who always bestows me His mercy and kindness will always watch over my beloved to keep him safe from harm and he’ll always have the joys in his heart.  Hope that my beloved will know that I never looked or loved any man same way as I did for him.  I always mean what I say… all words rooted from the innocence and purity of my heart.

xoxo… you know that I’ll always love you forevermore…


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