A New Year for Us

Another day of the week and another month of the year

Amidst all uncertainties, I have nothing to fear

For in my heart, I know you never left and always near

This time will be ours and I will hold you close, my dear


No more worries for tomorrow, we will find our ways again

The wounds are healed and there  is  no more pain

Always sunshine for together we’ll survive the heavy rain

A crowded journey in the imperfect ride with life’s train

Published on: Dec 31, 2011 @ 18:08

There are so many things I have been through that you just don’t know… But, I know I’ll make it through all by myself…. Then, facing you again… I’ll say that….

not even a single minute I ever stopped

thinking of you and giving up loving you

heartily, tenderly, truthfully, sincerely and unconditionally

i love you

You are always my SUperhero

by Hillsong kids “(Jesus You’re My) Superhero

image source: http://hqwallpapersplus.com


cute image via Google


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