Sleeping for a Thousand Years

Is there a bright new day awaiting for her?

Her spirit is alive, but it has no feelings

A prick of the needle puts her to a deep slumber

She wants to go on but her heart is aching

She tries to heal a part of her that has been broken

But deep inside unseen, it keeps on bleeding

Her eyes want to open to greet the sun again

In stead the tears keep on flowing to her cheeks

Save her from Misfortune’s spell and bring her back —

 It is the grandest ball, she anticipates for all this time

Yet, everyone is wearing masks, she can’t find him

She keeps on searching until she’s left with no dance partner

Someone comes and they waltz happily at the dance floor

A short and sweet moment that she wants to keep forever

Before she can kiss his lips, he already left with his sweetheart

There’s the little needle that she pricks to herself to end the pain

She sleeps to forget her suffering but it has been so long 

She must wake up to dance again  with  a different tune

Wake her for she’s dying inside and all her hopes are gone

Will you dance with her and be her prince charming?


(No worries, soon she will be the happiest and her cheeks will blush again.  She’ll be as cheerful as she used to be…. Dearest  prince charming, don’t make her wait for so long… X.O.X.O… I know you’re there)

by Evanescene “Wake Me Up Inside”

Published on: Jun 19, 2012 @ 20:08


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