For Children Grow (To my Siblings)

There are disappointments but it doesn’t mean I can forgive. I may not forget but I will always love. We all know that in spite of the influences outside, we are still one.  Caught in the current tangled situations, we are still same people who grow up in same house and who have parents we’ll forever love.  There are always people who envy and speak ill of us, don’t mind.  Remember to always keep your feet on the ground.  We may change due to others. In spite of what’s going on, I still believe that our parents raise as well and the made no mistakes in nurturing us.

For Children Grow (To my Siblings)

Fruits of one tree
Alike but not the same
Cultivated by loving hands
Growing with love and joy
A home filled with laughter
With fear and faith in God

Papa stories and prayers
Mama’s cooking and sewing
Siblings of no rivalry
Playing, running and teasing
A fun life echoed our house
The world rotates and we go

For children grow and change
My kin, where are we going now?
Our dwelling, a space of silence
Do you pay the price of love?
Remember Papa’s words of wisdom
Mama is fair, she loves us all!

For children grow and forget
The sunshine in our youth
The fiesta meals we shared
We dream but we had each other
My dear brothers and sister
Blood is thicker than water!

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