Treat Me to a 7 Course Meal


I am hungry… Are you?  Will you treat me to a seven course meal? But what does it mean?  Hey, will you tell me?  Whatever it is… let’s have a dinner together again…

What a seven course meal? This means that there are seven separate sections to your meal.

First Course: appetizer 
Second Course: soup 
Third Course: salad 
Fourth Course: sorbet to cleanse the palate 
Fifth course: meat, such as poultry 
Sixth Course: meat, red meat or fish 
Seventh Course: dessert

Don’t be like this man?? Ows…. get it!!!

A Man’s Guide to Fine Dining
A man invited a woman over to his home for a seven-course meal.
“That’s lovely,” she said. “What are we going to have?”
He said, “A hot dog and a six-pack of beer.”

—From Jokes Every Woman Should Know (Quirk), edited by Jennifer Worick
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