When First Love Dies

It’s time to say a sad goodbye
Let her pack her suitcases and go
Your house was never her home
If you will hold and let her stay
Will you have real peace and happiness?

Two years ago, she was the girl
The only one who jailed your heart
She was your first and only love
The promise you wanted to keep
You always knew that she was yours

You did everything to have her
But, destiny is sometimes cruel
There were instances unpredicted
You hurt her unintentionally
You don’t want to break the trust

You have the best memories together
The sincere smiles and the moments
Along the long and winding road
Someone awaits and loves you more
You tried to get away but you can’t

Her kisses and touch are not the same
You both want to grow old together
Yet, your career pushes her away
The worst fact, it’s no longer working
Be true to yourself and admit it’s gone

You want to give it another chance
The more you try, you’re not fixing it
Unknowingly, it repeatedly breaks you
Can’t you see you’re no longer joyful?
You must know that it’s not working

The vow of first love, somehow disappears
When first love fades, it’s time to move out
Do yourself a favor and kiss her adieu
You’ll always remember the past with her
But she’s no longer the same girl for you

Somehow, it is really meant to perish
Somewhere, there’s a new bright beginning
Someone out there is loving you forever
Sometimes things happened for you to see
The other woman who carries true love’s gift

I watched the film “Definitely Maybe” in my laptop. The story taught me that you don’t always end with your first love. There are people who walked into your life, you can either learn from them and wish to be with them forever. The main character fell for three girls in the film. He was with his first love and had a child together. Likewise, it didn’t last and they divorced. In the end, he convinces the girl he truly loves and can bring him true happiness.

See, it doesn’t mean that first love lasts forever. Open your heart to the different possibilities in order to really find your true happiness. Don’t close your heart yet. You’ll never know who you’re missing that will lead to your dreams. Our world doesn’t end or stop now… the possibilities are endless… don’t be too certain with what you have now because it might lead you to your failure, misery and suffering.

Don’t be sad
I’m always here
Never fading
Always understanding
Forever waiting
Loving you more
I know the truth
Still I believe what my heart says
Your dreams are not far to reach
I know you can make it…


My king, you’re the boss!

I love you more!!!


Call me crazy, but I ask God that whatever I wrote in this post will be from Him. So, I came out with this with God’s guidance… please, I don’t know why such theme crossed my head… If you wonder why, better ask God, I let Him used my blog to send you the message… I hope it clears your doubt.


Ps. I Love You ♥
Published on: Oct 13, 2012 @ 23:34


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