Beyond Healing

pooh bear231

Consider yourself lucky if you are eating your meals thrice a day and can eat snacks or enjoy tea breaks any time because such pleasure so many of my countrymen are deprived especially the victims of super typhoon “Haiyan” or “Yolanda”. In the faces of those who survived, you can see the marks of hunger and thirst. They are crying out loud for help and trying to keep themselves tact in spite of the lost of their properties, friends and love ones.

My Artwork inspired by Typhoon “Haiyan”

This drawing is inspired by the super typhoon Yolanda and its aftereffects, which I did with oil pastels. In this drawing showed the scattered refuse, dead body and destroyed bridge. In addition, there is a baby that can be seen on the drawing. The concept of the baby on the drawing comes from the miracle baby named Bea Joy who was born after the typhoon. The baby’s mother survived and was even swept away when giant waves generated by Super Typhoon “Yolanda”.
I included the baby on the drawing to remind us all that there is hope after any disasters and life must go on.

Read more:,  (Miracle’ baby born in Philippine typhoon rubble by Agence France-Presse; 2:09 pm | Monday, November 11th, 2013)

pray for the philippines23

I have relatives in the northern part of the island who are also affected with the recent typhoon.  Praise God, everyone is safe and the typhoon didn’t harm any of us and we didn’t experience the strong storm surge.  After the earthquake, tornado and super typhoon, I am constantly reminded that in spite of my failures, I have so many things to be grateful to God.  There are so many uncertainties and calamities that will come, I just lift everything to God.


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