Never gonna give you up & desert you…


Who were those women? The elderly one was familiar but the younger woman I was not acquainted.  Why I was with them trekking towards a narrow muddy road crossing a puddle of water? I knew this route. I have been to the place but caught in the dimness of the path I couldn’t figure out where I am heading with my company. Finally, we reached the destination and stopped in front of a bungalow house with its rusty green gate.  No one welcomed me and the women with me disappeared.  I went in going straight to the dark and empty room.

Suddenly, the lights outside was on and  I heard the voices of men whom I used to know and I was acquainted in my past.  Perhaps, some of them were the guys in my class or someone I briefly and barely knew.  He was there, Mr Gambler, the face my heart recognized.   He looked at me in between the gaps of the jalousie windows.  I chased him but there was another girl.   The world crushed on my shoulders and then my secondary friend came to my rescue.  He asked me to leave the place with him.  I refused and went inside going up to the stairways.  When I turned my back, I looked at the faces of men whom I used to know or acquainted.  Trapped in their circles, I was confused.

Only one of them reached out for my hand, he only said

“have faith that you’ll always find me”.

A dream…

It was a dream but the series of events turned real.  The two women were connected to Mr Gambler, and the other girl was his roommate who was introduced to me months after that dream. The road and the house were connected to Mr Genius, a man I met after I forgotten Mr Gambler.  Before I bid goodbye, I was invited to his house and it was same way as I dreamed it.  The high school friend in my dream was a close friend who opened me to the opportunity of establishing a career in another country.  However, like in my dream, I stayed and declined his offer.

That man whom I presumed to be a high school classmate, or college friend maybe or a colleague… how will I know??? I can’t predict or assured myself.  Henceforth, I keep on praying to God to lead the way because I don’t know how to flirt around and I don’t easily fall in love.

I know that I will find him in the midst of the crowds and  hopelessness.  I may have my doubts but my heart will be my compass that will guide me to him.  I trust my heart even if the situation is complex and complicated.

I accept him as entire person including his weaknesses and worst.  I won’t get tired—  Hope, he knows it by now that I love him forevermore.

love so much

image via Tumbler

by Rick Astley “Never Gonna Give You Up”

kiss your lips


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