Almost There, Closer to You

 I visited my Papa’s grave, the other day and asked my Mama “what just happened?”.  She just calmly replied that it’s alright for this storm will pass. Not another manic Monday, just a headache because of that thing which you have the remedy.  After I had my documents, I told myself that I am not giving up.  I will be there, closer to you…

“I truly MISS YOU”

i miss you not
what a lie!!!

i miss you a lot
i can’t deny

you are hot
it’s not a lie!!!

come with me
tonight let it be

oh, my honey bee!
my sweet baby 😉

i love you so…
you always know—-

sleep tight
good night…

I may get angry but I can’t hate you.  I tried several times but I failed all the time.



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