Why Go On?

why i fight
My friend said the worst news I wanted to hear, which made the 7.2 magnitude earthquake and super typhoon that hit my land better. Her words made me hopeless and then I can’t count on anyone even my bloodline. I lost a lot of time hibernating when all I want is to take out the most special person in my head and be there for him. My friend’s words killed my optimism and so I told myself that I should have not asked.
My friend’s words broke my heart and I kept on asking myself last night ‘why go on’. This morning, I woke up with a special dream of him. Then, heard what I needed and stumbled at this poem


by Gary James Smith

Give me a childlike faith Lord
Childlike to believe
Accepting without hesitation
What I will receive

When I ask You to save me
Salvation is so near
Inviting You into my heart Lord
Your immediately there

Trusting in Your promises
Yea, yea, and Amen
You have spoken, ‘ It is finished! ‘
Abides my soul in Him

Sin’s power over me is broken
I have victory in Christ
My cost, just to surrender
You’ve paid the ransom price

Cleansed, O Hallelujah
New beginnings, praise You Lord
Saving grace all sufficient
Faith believing in Your Word

Burden bearer precious Jesus
Lowly Saviour meek and mild
You have paved the way for sinners
By faith in You (As a little child)

Copyright Gary James Smith
JAN 23,2011


by Phineas and Ferb “Come Home Perry”

I’ll be home


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