Sincerely, Oh Yes, Sincerely


Let’s do it…

Let’s do whatever that pleases you or everything that makes you happy.  Will you go for the long run again?  I wish to watch just like last year.  I’ll try to make it!

A lot of people said, you’ll get over it and you’ll find someone new at home… or someone will come…. But, none of them told me that it isn’t as easy as said.   Whatever decisions I did or what I gave, everything meant a lot to me and every single detail was so special and rooted in my heart.  See! Even I am miles away and not even heard from you, I still love you sincerely…. Sincerely, oh, yes, sincerely!

However, my love is true and unselfish that’s the reason I tried to be contented in pouring my feelings through writings.  Besides, you know that I respect your decisions and understand the situation.  After all, you are the most wonderful friend I ever had.

Then, whatever my friend said and even people I rely on may turn their backs, I still have faith.  Even all hopes are gone, I still go on believing for my love for you give me strength.  I am out of will to fight and part of me is weakened.  But thanks a lot for making my heart strong.  My love and memories of you give me strength and inspiration that I will make it.  I might give you a beautiful Christmas present… 😉

Sincerely…….oh, yes, sincerely,
cause I love you so dearly….
please say you’ll be mine.
Sincerely…….oh, you know how I love you.

I’ll do anything for you…….
please say you’ll be mine.
Oh Lord, won’t you tell me why,
I love that man, so?
He doesn’t want me.
But I’ll never, never, never, never, let him go!

Excerpted from: “Sincerely” by The Moonglows in 1955


by The Moonglows, “Sincerely


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