You are Never Alone

Our lives are not perfect and no matter how we strive to make things right still something is wrong. Moreover, I know you’re doing your best and I am proud of you. Just always be happy for your happiness matters to me. If there are problems that will occur in your life and no one is there for you, always remember I am here.

I remembered the old song, a secondary classmate sang to me when I cried because of a boy who annoyed me. I was so pissed and walked out from our Chemistry classroom and he followed me. Then, comforted me with a Michael Jackson’s song “You are not Alone”.  Yeah, you’re not alone because I won’t leave you… Above all, don’t be lonesome for when you frown, your dimple disappears… Keep on smiling—

If today and days that may come (hope not), you felt the weight of the world on your shoulder and there are people who disappointed you, always bear in mind that I AM ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU and YOU’RE NEVER ALONE. Take note, in this complex world, both of us are same as others. Everyone across every seas also shares the same troubles. Honestly, I want to fly back as fast I can to hear and see you once more… and be there for you whether you want my presence or not.

you are not alone
you are all that matters

by Michael Jackson “You are Not Alone”


2 thoughts on “You are Never Alone

  1. Seig93 says:

    Thank you for writing this, i can’t stop the tears but this made me feel a little better. I know I need to get over this. I miss her but I know she is happy now. Thank you for even the tiniest speck of relief.

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