The Toilet Scene

She looked at the mirror contemplating, ‘What have I done?’. She sought apologies to someone who was dead and afar. She stayed inside, trying to figure out, the error of her choice. Looking at her distorted reflection she uttered in her mind, ‘mama & papa please forgive me for I have learned how to love in a most unlikely situation. I believe in my feelings, trust in love and give it a chance’.

Would they accept her sorry when she defied them because of love?

She was raised as a good and loving sister and daughter. What had become of her? She tasted the adventures of her most unlikely love. Yet, the guilt never subsided and she felt being used.

Did he ever try seeing her goodness and kindness? Did he just find her vulnerability and seized the opportunity? Was she an easy prey?

She never despised him even a bit. She shouldered all the blame and went on believing that he was a great guy. Yet, why she was left alone? Inside the old toilet under its dimlight, unknown to him she cried for she knew the truth in her heart.

Why he never came back?

The flashbacks of beautiful memories shared and remembering his soft tempting voice made her very lonely. So lonely inside the most unlikely place. Was she some dirt? If so, she wished to flush herself together with all the thoughts of him. The pipe of her being longed for him every second of her existence. How come he dumped her in the sewage and never came back?

Cut me out!!!

Was there a razor in her pouch? Where did the blade come from? There was a fog in her head. The gloomy light turned to black out. She kept on washing her hands but the germs of sins wouldn’t be cleansed easily. She looked at the blade and imagined the invisible blood flowing out from her wrist. Would she ever attempt to let its sharpness touched her flesh?

Her phone kept on ringing and she was back into her senses. It was him.

She snapped herself and went out from the toilet. She walked with only the happy thoughts in her head. What the heck??? She loved him whole-heartedly. Perhaps, she would go off alone. But there he was waiting for her. Not in her dreams or fantasies. He was there for real…

He asked, ‘what took you so long? I was worried?’

She stared at his eyes and whispered the words he didn’t want to hear and refused to believe. ‘You just don’t know how much I love you. Thank you for giving me reasons to fight and live this exciting chapter of my life!’

She didn’t say what she was supposed to say. He was someone unromantic and he was not a fan of cheesy words. She gave him a naughty smile with the sparks in her eyes. She laughed a little and said, ‘be grateful I’m crazy and I’m not using my head!’
He was confused and told her, ‘nothing was wrong…’

Perhaps, nothing was real.

But they were real people, a man and a woman. They were good friends. One was like a butterfly in the garden flying freely. The other one was a bird in the cage and someone’s pet.
Don’t judge their human weaknesses. One thing was certain she loved him more and she needed him in her life. She could liberate him if he chose the sand on the beach and the comfy life he never tried.

In time.


Good morning 😉

I remembered. Forget not…

Forget me not for I enjoyed.

You were worth the risks and my love for you gave me courage. In this time of my fears, uncertainties and sorrows, I wished to run to you and rest on your strong chest.

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