I’m Selfish, Mister

i need you

The hot water dropped bit by bit into my bare skin. I closed my eyes with all the impossible thoughts flowing in details deep within. My heart pounded so fast, my breath was difficult to catch. I’m lost in your memory, caught under your masculinity. I was overpowered by your strength, enslaved by your charms. I felt helpless in the shower and sat on the floor smelling my own sweat. I felt the heat of the water but I was in the desert of an episode. My throat was dry and I thirst for some more. It was over when I opened my eyes for there were no traces of you only a fragment in my memory.

I asked myself, ‘what does it take for you to want me?’

I know mister. I know!!! I’m not pea-minded. Everything was clear and I accepted my desiny and the judgement. Yet, at times, I have my selfish wishful thinking.

I’m selfish, Mister!!!

I won’t deny that I want you. But, I don’t want to force myself. I hate being your friend because I want to jump from such zone. In the dark, I spoke at your lifeless photograph saying ‘choose me, pick me or it should be me’. If it happened that way, I could probably do more. I would surely put to use my charisma to win others for you. This time, my thick skin is not only in the classroom but of some relevance. I know it’s wrong. Really, really bad thoughts…

I’m truly selfish, Mister!

I want to have your attention. Be the one you need and want, and the girl who takes good care of you. I am too selfish for I want to have your touch and kisses. I want to see you fall asleep and hear your snore. I want to have the authority to hear your voice and ask your whereabouts.

i love you three times a day

Mister, you care in your ways…

I am playing safe. If people don’t want, then let them be… By the way, your condition is unfair and unjust. Have you ever thought with what will I feel? You made a choice and you must face the consequences. Why will I rent when there are a lot available? There are men who asked for me. I am stuck because my fate was trapped on your web. And I decided to remain as a loyal friend to someone as stubborn as you. I will help you in ways that I possibly can with my pride still tact.

I know you’ll find it in your heart to be grateful for I love you with all that I am.

If something goes wrong in your life, you know where to find this selfish girl!!

i love you good night

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by Miley Cyrus “I Hope You Find It”

Published on: Jul 1, 2013 @ 21:16


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