I Kissed You Last Night

Where to find a love potion?

How to make a love spell?

What will I give up to be with you?

So much pondering caused my migraine

The old track played is heart-breaking

My colds caused me to sneeze and teary eyes

Alone in the dark and silent room

Witnessing the drizzle outside my window

The doorbell’s sound was so deafening

No one opened the door, I must get it!

My heart galloped in strange directions

For you were there to brighten the evening


It was a dream that feel so real

You whispered into my ears

And your voice was soft and gentle

I stared at you for a long time

Under the moonlight, we touched

The evening concluded with a kiss

You’re in the CPU of my head

I can never delete you permanently

If I will, my whole system will malfunction


“There is a fine line between dreams and reality, it’s up to you to draw it.” (B. Quilliam)

by Itchyworms “Akin Ka Na Lang”

XOXO…XOXO….XOXO…. You know that I will always love you.  If you find the way, I am only here waiting.   I hope, fate is kind to me…. don’t worry I love my life and I enjoy wherever I am… But, if I have the chance, my existence will be heaven and meaningful if you are at my side.
 XOXO…XOXO….XOXO…. You are the one!

Published on: Nov 6, 2011 @ 15:52


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