Never Get Over YOU

to the one boy

I am not the expert in geographical location and I don’t exert any effort to use Google to find out how far you are from me. Anyway I will be back to fix everything and be back on the track. I may out on the race for awhile but I am not crippled or disabled just for few more days and a little bit longer… I’ll be back!!!

your voice

I still remember this one young man whom I’ll love for the rest of my life. I experienced with him the bittersweet reality of loving and how to be more kind and understanding. Being his good friend, I learned a lot of wisdom in love that made me grow as a beautiful person inside and out. I appreciated the beauty in pain and failures. I will always make it through, the confidence I learned from him. He is the one and only man who can make me smile and laugh, and simply be happy in his company. Though he won’t trust or believe in my words, for me, he is meant for great destination and I highly look up and appreciate his wits, skills and talents.

Yeah, I can’t get over him but I am always fine even if I miss him with all my heart. I truly love him and I will always wait (even if he doesn’t ask for it).  I miss your voice and I play your recorded voice over and over again to make me feel you’re just so close to me…


by MYMP “I’ll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me”


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