Rekindling the Dead


I miss the ‘trick and treat’ that my students used to do with their Halloween cute scary costumes, the old stuff kids used to know. Today is the “All Saints’ Day”, a special public holiday for all the Filipinos to visit the graves of their dead relatives. After four years of being away from home, I experienced again old tradition that my family practiced ever since I was born. This is a special day to keep in touch those who passed away because even if they’re not physically around in the hearts of those who truly loved them, their memories will forever live. As for me, I personally prayed for my father and grandmother and visited their graves. The cemetery was crowded, filled with love ones who have never forgotten their family and relatives who already left the world of the living.
It’s no longer a Halloween party for me or fun scary night like it used to be… Yet, the most important thing, I lit a candle and said my prayers for my father and grandmother. Tomorrow for “All Souls’ Day” will be a long hour of travel to my mother’s place in the province that is northern part of the island. I will be going with my aunts, mother and cousins for the road trip to visit the remains of my dead relatives there.

Furthermore, there was a group of youngster wearing scary Halloween costumes who carolled our residence. I enjoyed their song and they were great even a bit out of tune. LOL.Photo_00034_mustache
If I am going to wear a Halloween costume, I will surely put a mustache on… hahaha.
Even if I am home… it doesn’t feel the same…
I miss SG


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