Sweet Innocence

sweet child

When I love, I express through my artistic style. I only write lengthy composition and create awkward poetry with rhymes or freestyle. I also draw digitally and manually and make music video or animate. Perhaps, I am uniquely me and how I love is unusual. One thing is certain, I love with all my heart and no one else but you.

Sweet Innocence


You were once a child
Hunger for your mother’s love
Wailing for her caress
Sleeping on her bosom
With comfort and serenity


Your sweet innocence
Always remain the same
Darling, my only baby
It’s alright, worry not!
Rest peacefully on my chest
You’ll make it through!!!


You are no longer a child
Yet, you’re my big baby
Someone I can love forever
You’re a dauntless man
Still I can see in you
The sweet innocence in your smile…
sweet child2

by Guns n’ Roses “Sweet Child of Mine”


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