Only in My Dreams

In the world within my slumber

Someone unknown exists

Is he someone from faraway land?

A man whom I have no acquaintance

Somehow when my eyes were closed

A stranger’s word lingers in my heart

It seems I’m witnessing a movie

Only I am playing someone’s role

There he is, someone I don’t know

What is he doing in my dream?

How come he portrays  the actor of my show?

A dramatic story with sad ending…

Anyway, it is nothing but a dream

Meaningless and far from reality

As I live my day, I see him around

Is it a dream seeing him smile at me?

(X.O.X.O … I thought I was having fun and enjoying the game.  Lucky, my sharp instincts reprimanded me. X.O.X.O… Return to my dreams because inside my head you just love me so much. X.O.X.O… Will you walk in my reality and tell me your name??? )

By Selena “Dreaming of You”

Published on: Aug 5, 2010 @ 10:56


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