Gee… It’s Magic!!!


What dreams may come and what are store for tomorrow?  It’s not mine to predict instead I have to live each day with faith, goodness and hope in my heart.  I can’t be someone I am not; and force others to belong to me instead continually love them truly and unconditionally.  I appreciate my freedom and all the disappointments mold my faith and makes me even braver each time.

Gee, you don’t ask for it but I prayed for this to happen.  Thus, I become stronger with all the trials.  How about you?  I believe in your dreams and your goals.  I admire your ideals and I am truly inspired by you.   There are many things that we can’t explain and comprehend instead to accept whatever that’s going on.

Gee, I know you are strong emotionally and physically; and you’ll always find means to fight all the challenges that life will bring to you.  Don’t give up with what you really wanted for what happen today is temporary, and you can surpass every little or great tests of survival.  Yeah, reality is harsh and some foes are really unbeatable.  Why give a damn?  It’s not about how high your grades and what are your qualifications but how you make it through into the eye of the needle using your God-given gifts talents and skills.   Achievements and mistakes don’t define anyone but how we pursue our heart’s desires without hurting anyone will bring us greatness.  Together we can make a legacy—

Gee, you may wonder why, I can’t get over you…  I don’t know.  Don’t worry, I have no knowledge with witchcraft.  Besides, Satan is no ally of mine… I can’t harm you in darkest way possible.  I only pray and you’re safety and success are in my prayers.   I may give the wrong impression.  I am no bitch because I am shaped to be a churchlady.  I value the doctrines and teachings of the church but still I am liberated in my ways.  After all, I am a modern career-oriented woman.

Gee, you always make me feel good in dreams and memories.  Why? I don’t know.  That’s what I call as magic!

Gee, it’s magic when I fall in love with you without knowing why or how…  You’re the most amazing magician… Cast your spell on me!

   I love you, Gee… it makes me feel magically great!

by Barry Manilow “Could It Be Magic”
intuition quotes

Gee, I don’t care what others say…

Remember, you’re awesome… 

Totally awesome!

ps i love you

be with me


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