Midnight Memories


It’s raining again, I peeped at the window and the coldness of the night climbed into my skin. All left within me are the memories shared. The details of those evenings didn’t perished with time and distance. All seemed so fresh pretending everything just happened. I opened my palms feeling the raindrops and the moon stared at me with gladness, he knew the untold stories that lived in my heart.

You have everything that you ever wanted and you were the best. Thank you for being my friend and for everything that you unselfishly shared. In spite of the circumstances and challenges, I know in my heart that you are exerting a lot of efforts beyond your means. Others may not see it but I believe that you’ll make it through. I may fail you and those midnight promises and whispers may not happen now. In time, it will… AT times, something within me is dying but with your memories I am alive… your memories are the spark of light that give me hope and face each day with my sunny smiles… My voice is until here, the side of me unrevealed to you for we both know…

As for me, what happened is my eye-opener with what I really wanted and how to prepare myself for the future. After all that I went through, it’s more than a bonus and a lottery prize to wake up everyday with a new hope within. I still have faith for the best and for more midnight memories that we’ll build together. I am good with imaginations… but I know my illusions will become real.

We should not let others bring us down… let’s keep on fighting…




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