The angst of Mother Nature
The water and wind of torture
Shaking of the land is your horror
Will you stay as God’s warrior?
Will you curse Him for the terror?

Are you afraid of the world’s end?
Are you prepared for salvation?
Worst calamities will come any time?
Yet, Earth will withstand for billion years?
How about you, how long will you live?

Life is so short to blame God
Keep on praying and have faith
Miracles happen when you believe
What is lost is gone, left in debris
You are never defeated with God’s love


I attended the 3pm mass at Basilica del Santo Nino yesteday.  I saw with my own eyes, the damaged of the old church caused by the recent 7.2 magnitude earthquake that affected areas in the Visayan region.
Personally, I am not convinced that it was the sign of the world’s end for calamities naturally happen beyond man’s predictions.  After all, God is good all the time and all the time God is good.
I am grateful and proud to be raised with faith, fear and love in God.  Moreover, I am not a saint but a sinner too.  I repented for my sins and if I committed the worst, I am bound for my weaknesses for I loved with all my heart.
There’s no regret in love for my love for you is always true… No calamities and distance can bring it down or destroy it into debris.


whatever happens


now and always

By the way, I was confused with the new route of public transport. So, I reached home late. I was all by myself. Thus, the stares of those two young men scared me. I moved farther from them and I hurried to get my ride. In places like that, men’s interests on you are not flattering but rather alarming.


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