My Cards DON’T Lie!!!


I don’t have psychic powers. Moreover, a week of staying at my other cousins’ place, reminded me of an old hobby. One of them brought his cards and asked me if I could still read. I just giggled for he remembered those crazy past time I introduced to them during our adolescent years. Haha. Yeah, right!!! My skills in card reading. It was no fraud or prank, I just said anything as what I observed on the final set of shuffled cards on the table. Let’s say, it was more of observation and a good guess. Besides, kids were easy to fool!!! LOL…
Actually, I made a convincing opening line by saying “THE CARDS DON’T LIE whether you believe it or not!” Sound like a pro!!!

Today is my last day staying at my cousins’ place. I didn’t have a chance to read the cards for my cousins. While waiting for my aunt, I saw the set of cards on the computer table and I made a series of card readings for my own. My cards repeatedly showed to me same readings and my heart kept on jumping. I remembered the sequence of my last set of cards left with four aces only.

I am not a fortune-teller. I can’t predict my future. I am JUST one ORDINARY girl who has strong faith in God and I believe everything happened for a reason. One thing for sure, I AM NOT QUITTING and GIVING UP in LIFE and LOVE.
Like my fellowmen who were victims of the recent earthquake that threatened my place as well, JUST KEEP ON GOING and MAKE IT THROUGH THE EYE OF A NEEDLE…

What’s my reading?
The Ace of Heart symbolizes love everywhere
The Ace of Spade that reflects my one and only
The Ace of Diamond is the fortune and wealth we can make
The Ace of Club, well that’s nobody but me…
Put them together is what I know that I can’t tell
My card readings are mine to keep—
Yet, always remember that I love you forevermore
And now I’m dying to talk to you for I miss you so much–

by Lea Salonga “Nandito Ako”

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