This Time Will Pass


All these challenges and trials come to measure my AQ, as my adversity quotient. There are more calamities awaiting, Mother Nature will burst any time, in spite of it all, I learned to let it be and be stronger and stand still on the ground. The shaking of the earth may a bit scary for from time to time there are aftershocks still I have nothing to fear.

This time will pass… I am no longer crying even I miss you a lot. I will be back soon… few days to wait and I’ll be there. All these tests will be over and I’ll pass. I am no longer pessimistic and I greet every morning with my sunny lovely smiles. Before I bid good night, I kiss the moon in my heart to send to you my love.

Everything that we’re experiencing right now will pass and we’ll meet again… we will…

by Eminem featuring Bruno Mars “Lighters”
Always remember only time will pass but my love won’t be over with the passing of time. Yet, it will be stronger and hopeful that tomorrow will truly be ours. I am always grateful to meet you and always thankful for everything you’ve done for me.
I believe in your dreams and your choice of career path. I always believe in your abilities and I know in spite of all the difficulties you can make it. You’ll never live a mediocre life for you’re destined for greater fortune and wealth.
xoxo… love you more…. can’t wait to talk to you…


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