She’s Just Another Woman in Love (Boa Hancock)

She’s tough and strong

She’s cruel and heartless

She’s a lovely warrior

But when it comes to love

She’s just like other women

She has her own weakness

Same as everybody else

Who says you can’t move

The highest mountain?

Foolish and crazy it seems

She’s just another woman in love….

by Anne Murray “Just Another Woman in Love”

Everyone loves her…

The Princess of Amazon Lily who is self-centered and heartless

 Unknowingly and surprisingly, she falls in love with someone like him…

Is there really no way for you to want me???

But it’s so difficult… I tried to… but I can’t….

Blame me not!!! It’s my heart… no matter how hurt… it does not quit on loving you…

Definitely NOT!!!

My love is unmeasurable and it’s beyond infinity….

Crazy For You - Flirty Graphic

I’m just another Boa Hancock, loving the impossible.  

Similar to her the options are many but it’s different with that one special person with so many buts… 


This entry was posted on August 23, 2012.

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